How we increased the awareness of Black History Month Canada

How we increased the awareness of Black History Month Canada

Black History Month Canada: How to keep the youth involved

As the month of February was approaching, our organization was trying to figure out a way to take this year’s celebration to the next level. For years, we used traditional methods to increase the awareness of our roots and history, to find volunteers and for several other reasons. However, as the years went by, we slowly started to realize the decrease in the number of teenagers and young adults engaging with their communities and corresponding organizations in their cities.

At first, we were reluctant to the information we obtained signaling the decrease in the age bracket mentioned above. But as several online platforms started being an instrumental part in most of these individuals lives, we knew we had to adapt in order to stay connected. So, we went back to the drawing board and started going deeper into this digital world.

Luckily, we knew someone that was already working in this space and had his own company called 3AM Premier SEO. His business focuses on increasing the exposure of any online property such as our website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles. After several days of analyzing their behavior on these social platforms, we reversed engineered the reasons why they used these platforms which were primarily focused on building relationships.

The first step we took involved building a website that will allow these individuals to engage the same way they would online but of course we wanted to build a stronger physical relationship. We decided to create some events that will allow this to happen.

Look at some of the tips we used to increase the awareness of Black History Month Canada.

The owner of 3AM Premier SEO told us to start by looking at influencers to promote this celebration which was not very difficult. But what made the difference was when we started using their search engine optimization services to increase the amount of traffic coming to our events page on our website. With allot more digging in and looking into this, we were able to crack the code and this month was the best year ever.

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